The year goes pop

Normally I’d be linking to DJ Earworm’s wrapup of the year in pop, but this parody of Azealia Banks’ “212” is just brilliant.


This is either the greatest proposal ever, or a guy who’s really, REALLY afraid she’s gonna say no. (via Boing Boing)

I think I’d rather have a Royale with Cheese than a Hachis Parmentier, but this is a really nicely done adaptation of “Pulp Fiction” in quasi-Shakespearean language and setting. I like to think I could have written it better (but I could easily be wrong), and I’m pretty sure it could have been acted better, but it’s still great.

World Go Boom

With Christmas over and done with, let the year-end wrapups begin! DJ Earworm has chimed in with his yearly mashup of the top pops of the year, “World Go Boom.” Unfortunately, it looks like Rex won’t be doing his annual List of Lists this year (sniff).

I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve never seen this live video before. It’s pretty great. (via The Awl)

Sit on Santa

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, busy with job and leaves and holidays and such, but I pretty much always have to blog about Improv Everywhere ‘s spontaneous musicals, like their latest, the Mall Santa Musical. I don’t know if it’s their best work (OK, I’m pretty sure it’s not), but it’s still nifty.

Mad Photoshop skillz

If you’d asked me 10 minutes ago, I would have said “yeah, I’m pretty good with Photoshop.” Now, not so much