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Historical Tweets


Historical Tweets  Gosh, I hadn’t realized Twitter technology was this old! (via JimRay)


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“One Week” parody

“One Week” parody  Has it really been 10 years? I have to say I love this parody of the Barenaked Ladies’ biggest hit, although I also loved the original (and just for the record and for street cred purposes, it was their debut album “Gordon” that turned me on to them, not their big smash hit).

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How To Spot A Canadian


How To Spot A Canadian  You can’t really “spot” a Canadian, but this blog has a lot of nice tidbits about Canadian people, institutions and culture. For those of you dying to learn more about that exotic and mysterious land. Or something.

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Yay! Racism is Over!


Racism is Over  People of color offer their testimonies on how the election of a black president has caused every vestige of racism they experience to magically disappear. Hooray!

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Jewish Zodiac  For the Chinese, it’s the year of the Ox, but for the Jews, it’s the Year of the Pickle — at least, according to JewZo.com. Apparently I’m Pastrami, “Brisket’s hipper brother, always smokin’ and ready to party. You spice up life even if you keep your parents up at night.” I like to think that’s actually true, even though I’m not Jewish.

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Sea of cameras at Youth Ball  Memo to Today’s Youth: In 20 or 40 years you will spend much more time remembering that special day in your head than you will spend poring over 20- or 40-year-old digital photos. Life’s too short to experience through a 2-inch LCD viewfinder. Also, the pictures you keep in your head get better with age.

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“Top Gear” test track – Interactive  Get a “Stig‘s-eye view” of the track, and see how it drives with the “reasonably priced car” they put celebritites in, and a supercar of the sort the “Top Gear” presenters and the Stig routinely drive there.

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