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Air Guitar Competition in San Francisco This makes me sad. Not that I don’t think musical excellence should be honored and rewarded, but … I remember when air guitar was, like, all about the music, man.


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Saving Newspapers: The Musical This is awesome (and not just for its novel suggestion as a solution). Jonathan Mann is my new hero. And “Hey Paul Krugman” is pretty funny too.

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A guide to the Guide How did I not know about this? BBC’s Radio 4 (the station that aired Douglas’ Adams multimedia masterpiece in its first incarnation) has a website devoted to HHGG. Highlights include Hitchhiker Memories (including Monty Python’s Terry Jones recalling how he and Michael Palin were among the first to hear the radio recording), and lots of cool H2G2-related links on the left.

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How to put on a bra

How to put on a bra  Apparently this is a scene from an upcoming a recent movie called “Dead or Alive.” I definitely want to see it — looks like the best guilty pleasure since “Shoot ‘Em Up.” (Thanks to the commenter who alerted me to the movie’s status.)

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Out of town

wiplycow_thomI’m going back to Wisconsin to help the folks celebrate their 60th(!) Anniversary, so posts here will be sporadic to non-existent through Tuesday.

Talk amongst yourselves.

(Pic via Roadside America)

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The 15-week point


I’ve got one solid lead, and a couple possible prospects (aside from the other dozens of positions I’ve flung resumes at), so I’m actually more optimistic than I’ve been for a while. But we’ll see. At least I’m not disabled like “Darth” there (and I’m a better speller, too). (pic via Ruining the Internet)

8 p.m. Update: Just got an e-mail from the “solid lead.” They hired someone else. FML.

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Awesome headline from my old sister paper  My first newspaper job was at a small daily on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Just to the north of our coverage area was our sister publication, the Cecil Whig. This is perhaps the most awesome hed from that chain that I’ve ever seen except maybe the time a fellow copy editor ran a wire story with the hed “Cancer linked to carcinogens.”  (via Bits & Pieces)

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