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Jesus or Darwin?


Cheese toast sandwich shows image of … ? The woman who made the sandwich says it’s Jesus, but to me it looks more like this guy:


(Cheese toast pic via Arbroath, Darwin pic via General-Anaesthesia.com)


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The Undeath of Newspapers One of my favorite webcomics is Cowbirds In Love, and while this isn’t Sanjay’s best (that would be this one), it’s pretty funny to a journalist like me.

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Facebook Manners And You A useful primer with do’s and don’ts for users of the Electric Friendship Generator. (via Neatorama)


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Inspired Bicycles Danny MacAskill is like Jackie Chan on a bike — except he probably won’t get rich and famous off his skills and then start whining about how poor people in his country need to be controlled. (photo below via InspiredBicycles.com)


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Steve Breen wins second Pulitzer I was at the Asbury Park Press when he won his first one — I worked a 13-hour day gathering up his winning cartoons, scanning them and building a website to hold them. Large, colorized versions are still in the cafeteria at the Press (or at least, they were still there in December 2008 when I was laid off). Here’s the gallery of his 2009 Pulitzer portfolio. Weirdly enough, even though he can be really vicious in his humor, in person he’s perhaps the nicest, friendliest guy I’ve ever met. Way to go, Steve!

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Newspaper competition in cities (or the lack thereof) Wow, just wow. And keep in mind that the big cities were smaller in 1909, and that there were fewer big cities (and fewer medium-sized ones as well). That’s a truly sad statistic. (via Gannett Blog)

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We Didn’t Start the Flame War Also known as “every comments thread on every Web 2.0 post, ever.” But very nicely done (with some bad language, so use your earbuds if you’re at work). (from College Humor via YesButNoButYes)


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