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The Poynter Institute, a think tank and training ground for journalists, has a nice article on “The Daily Show” that highlights the program’s take not only on events of the day, but on how journalists cover those events.

And it acknowledges that the show is “establishing itself as a “trusted” news source, even though it doesn’t refer to itself as one.”


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Italian does song in fake American-English  There are lots of places in this pseud0-American pop song that I swear I understand the words, even though the words are gibberish.

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As all marketers, especially “branding experts,” know, one of the most important aspects of promoting a brand is creating a really cool name. How can you make sure your name will have the coolness factor of Google, or Amazon, or eBay?

Here’s my 2 step program on how to create a really cool name for your product:

1) Create a really cool product

2) Give it a name

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David Bowie, “Cygnet Committee”    This starts kind of slow, but starts to get good around the 2-minute mark (out of nearly 10 minutes). How did I not know, growing up, that Bowie was doing stuff like this?

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Happy merrys!

This is the view of the ocean (it’s back there in the distance) from where we’ll be staying in sunny Vieques, Puerto Rico, from Christmas through New Year’s. There should be lots of snorkeling, laid-back beaches, humongo mofongo, and a bay with glow-in-the-dark plankton (the bad news: it’s called Mosquito Bay, and apparently for a reason).

I’ve queued up a few “link dump” items that have been sitting in my scratchpad, waiting to be blogged, but this is probably my last “official” post of 2009, a year I think lots of us feel can be adequately summed up by the phrase “good riddance.”

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Well, it’s snowing in winter, so that means it’s time for self-styled “skeptics” to start pooh-poohing the overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming. Josh Marshall of the left-leaning blog Talking Points Memo offers some interesting insights on just how selective such “skepticism” can be: “What I’ve been thinking about for a while is how it is that very few people doubt physicists or oncologists when it comes to their areas of specialty even though theories come and go in those fields as well.”

(pic via the Asbury Park Press)

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Paul & Storm, a duo much beloved by hipster-geek types, brightened up the end of last year with 25 Days of Randy Newman.

This year they’re tackling another ambitious project with It Might Be Xmas (here’s their Q&A), a series of holiday-themed songs in the style of They Might Be Giants, another hipster-geek mainstay whom P&S have covered before, notably in a concert with Jonathan Coulton where they played the band’s supposed-to-be breakthrough album “Flood” in its entirety.

(via Laughing Squid)

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