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So in the “all skate” that is short-track relay skating, the Canadians won (they’re actually leading in gold medals now), but apparently the announcer couldn’t quite wrap his lips around the word “Canadians,” and instead said “Cananadians” (pronounced “can o’ nadians”).

(pic via Edmonton Journal)


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Simon Pegg (of “Shaun of the Dead”) has a really insightful article on why zombies can’t run, or at least shouldn’t — because they’re a stand-in for death (slowly creeping up, avoidable in the short term but not forever), which is why they’re the scariest monsters of all.

(Video is JoCo doing “Re: Your Brains” live — I linked to a different video earlier)

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Feline Filing

119 Ways to Store and Organize Your Cats is brilliant, but unfortunately herding instructions are not included.

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My wife’s British, so needless to say this is her favorite Olympian:

She just cracks up every time she sees “Wank” on the TV screen.

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In honor of the USA curling team (which is on the TV as I write this), here’s Jonathan Coulton performing “Curl” (lyrics here) live in Minnesota, where Team USA apparently practices their putting-the-rock-in-the-house skills.

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Web watching

Michael Wolff’s “Ringside at the Web Fight” is a great bit of speculation about the “next big thing,” but with at least one bit of idiocy, where Wolff refers to Charlie Bit My Finger,” wherein a British toddler bites his deadpan brother’s finger to great merriment, which, with 149 million views on YouTube, is bigger than the Super Bowl.

Sorry, but that’s just silly. By that definition a commercial (not a Super Bowl commercial, just a plain old TV commercial) that’s been seen 15 times by 10 million people is bigger than the Super Bowl.

Now, it could be that such a commercial really has had more influence on society than the Super Bowl, but if that’s the case, then using the Super Bowl as a comparison is just silly.

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The Winter Olympics have lots of weird combinations of sports. There’s Nordic Combined, where athletes have to do ski jumping and then cross-country skiing. And there’s the Biathlon, where athletes strap on guns, go cross-country skiing, and then shoot at targets along the way.

I think we should have a Nordic Combined Skeet Triathlon — a ski-jump hill with a cross-country track at the bottom, and the guys on the track can shoot at the guys who are jumping. C’mon, admit it — you’d pay to watch that.

(YouTube clip from the criminally underrated “Top Secret!”)

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