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NPR has a fascinating update about the awesome Kimberley Rew and the other members of Katrina and the Waves, who’ve basically been able to live off the money from “Walking on Sunshine” for the past 25 years (although Katrina no longer gets her share because of some dustup a few years back).

Rew, who wrote “Sunshine” (he also wrote the B-side, “Going Down To Liverpool,” which was a minor hit for the Bangles), got his start in the Soft Boys, with bandmate named Robyn Hitchcock who’s had quite a bit of success in his own right.

Put it this way: If  you love Robyn Hitchcock, but also think “Sunshine” is just a great song (or even if you just hate me because now you can’t get it out of your head), you should check out Rew’s work — it’s got a twinge of that Hitchcockian weirdness, and lots of the melodic craftsmanship so evident in “Liverpool” and “Sunshine.”


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“The Swinger” is a nice bit of Python code that takes music in “straight eighths” time and converts it to swing time.

Also a great tool for understanding what “swing” means as a technical term, if you don’t want to get into technical terms like 6/8 time or dotted eighths or all that, um, jazz.

(Count Basie pic via JazzTimes.com)

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Just in case I ever forget how utterly awesome Burt Bacharach is, there’s always something there to remind me.

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Slate has a nice, affectionate review of “Daria” (now on DVD) by someone who says he was one of the popular kids in school — precisely the opposite of the target demographic of the show and its geeky anti-hero (thus, of course, totally my hero).

It’s almost cute (and almost makes me feel sympathetic) to see his observation that the show was mean to the popular kids when it first started out. Makes me want to get out my tiny animated violin.

(pic via SelectSpecs)

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Best, most awesomest, tech article ever The Onion does it again: “While millions of young, tech-savvy professionals already use services like Facebook and Twitter to keep in constant touch with friends, a new social networking platform called Foursquare has recently taken the oh, fucking hell, can’t some other desperate news outlet cover this crap instead?”

Also the most accurate: “As you’ve no doubt guessed from reading a dozen similar articles in The Washington Post, now’s the part of our “trend piece” where we quote an industry expert …

(pic via  Moneyizor)

P.S. Happy Towel Day tomorrow!

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If you enjoyed either the movie “Fletch” or the books by Gregory McDonald, you’re sure to enjoy this article about the quest for a decent sequel.

Apparently a long-planned follow-up has been getting the “Moon River” treatment (as illustrated above) as it gets shuffled around from a never-ending parade of potential actors, writers and directors (including Kevin Smith!).

I liked the first movie OK, but its main significance to me is that it introduced me to the books, which are wonderful (lots more Fletch stuff here).

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Taco Talk

Taco Night conversation:

HER: I’m going to get some more lettuce.

ME: You know what you should do?

HER: What?

ME: You should take strips of lettuce and weave them together, basket style. Then you’d have … a lettuce lattice.

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