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A drop of golden sun

If this flashmob-dance “Do Re Mi” in Belgium doesn’t make you at least smile, you have no soul (and I don’t mean in the James Brown sense).


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The Spartan V has 170hp (from a Ducati bike engine) and weighs 660 pounds. That’s just insane — a Lotus Elise, pretty much the lightest car you could otherwise buy, weighs about 3 times as much and only has a couple dozen more horsepower. The car’s Aussie makers say it does 0-60 in under 3 seconds. It’s a track-only car, but I can hold out hope that they’ll get around to making a street-legal version sometime.

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Argh! Or should I say, arrrrrrrgh! Here I be, almost forgettin’ what be the most glorious Internet holiday o’ the whole bleedin’ year, International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

So here be a video for all ya scallywags, with a Formula 1 race driver taking his lovely wench out for a wee drive on a track, in a Honda Civic (it’ll be startin’ to get good around the 2:00 mark). They both be Italians, but you’ll be needin’ no translation. Why be this a pirate video, you lubbers might ask? Because the Civic be a Type-R, o’ course!  (via Miss C, pic via Costumzee)

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Unless you’re utterly indifferent to Facebook, you pretty much have to read the recent magazine profiles of founder Mark Zuckerberg and accomplice Sean Parker (the guy played by Justin Timberlake in the upcoming movie “The Social Network”).

Whether you’re a fan or foe, you’ll find grist for your mill in the stories of their respective rises to fame and fortune. The latter is especially interesting, since Parker was also involved in Napster, founded Plaxo and basically lives like a rock star geek (or should that be like a geek rock star?).

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The New York Times does a profile on religious parody site ChristWire, and doesn’t mention Poe’s Law even once? Really, NYT?

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I wish I could have found the video of Fountains of Wayne doing their version of The Kinks’ “Better Things” on Conan O’Brien’s show in September 2001, but I guess life’s full of disappointments, and what better day to be reminded of that?

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Bragging rites

The erratic but sometimes useful HuffPost has a semi-interesting list of 13 Books Nobody’s Read But Say They Have. Here’s the list if you don’t want to view the slideshow:
1. The Canterbury Tales
2. Democracy in America
3. Ulysses
4. A Christmas Carol
5. The Satanic verses
6. Moby-Dick
7. A Brief History of Time
8. Infinite Jest
9. The Name of the Rose
10. Remembrance Of Things Past
11. Don Quixote
12. As I Lay Dying
13. War and Peace

I’ve actually read 3 of them, and started but given up on another 3. Maybe I’ll give a prize or something to anyone who guesses them all correctly. Hint: The one pictured isn’t in either category, really. I did read the exact Classics Illustrated version pictured, but never even tried to read the real “Moby-Dick.”

(via Miss C, who gave me the idea to list them all and spare you the slideshow if you hate them like I do)

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