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This is a fairly nifty song by a band I’d never heard of called Eskmo, and a truly epic video. But I can’t help but wonder if in a few years or decades it will look as cheesy as Yes’ “Leave It” (below)  now looks — sort of “hey, we’ve got this new video editing console, let’s see what this button does! Now this one! Ooh, look at this one!” (via Waxy)


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Curds In Space

So, the first private payload has been delivered into space, and it was a wheel of cheese, apparently in honor of Monty Python, whose “Cheese Shop” sketch is one of the all-time classics.

I’m a huge Python fan, so I like this (and I really like the payload label’s tribute to “Top Secret,” a criminally underrated and underappreciated ZAZ movie), but I have 2 big questions:

1) What’s with sending a wheel of Le Brouere, one of the very, very few cheeses in the entire world that isn’t actually mentioned in the sketch?

2) Why not send a parrot?

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How on earth have I lived this long and not known about this? Tom Lehrer (one of my favorite people ever since I first heard him on Dr. Demento in the ’70s) did a Hannukah song! (via Miss C)

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