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Aussie? Oy.

Watching this, I can’t help but wonder: Surely the Outback Steakhouse chain has a big enough budget that they could hire voiceover actors who are actually Australian, rather than Americans doing bad Aussie accents. Or do Australian actors just refuse to do Outback commercials as a point of principle?


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If you’re checking out Rex‘s annual List of Lists for 2010 (and you should) for everybody’s take on the top music etc. for the past year, you might keep Every Critic’s Year-End Top 10 List Explained in mind, just for context. (video via — of course — DJ Earworm)

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So PBS has a biography series called “American Masters,” which recently featured Glenn Gould, and is right now showing an episode on Neil Young. Since when is Toronto (where both were born) “American”? And it’s not like their Canadian origins were just accidents of birth. Both lived in Canada for much or all of their lives, and they’re both identified as “Canadian” in their Wiki entries.

Sure, we Americans have an annoying tendency to assume every Anglophone who doesn’t sound British is a fellow American, but come on … you’d think PBS might have a research department that could at least confirm the American-ness of a Master before devoting the time and videotape (or whatever they use in this digital age) to producing an entire hour-long episode.

Maybe they should rename the series “North American Masters.” Maybe that’s already what it’s called when it gets replayed on CBC.

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