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I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, busy with job and leaves and holidays and such, but I pretty much always have to blog about Improv Everywhere ‘s spontaneous musicals, like their latest, the Mall Santa Musical. I don’t know if it’s their best work (OK, I’m pretty sure it’s not), but it’s still nifty.


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So, Improv Everywhere does it again, with a musical number staged in a Queens supermarket, “Squish Our Fruits Together.”

improv_everywhere_supermarketWhat’s interesting is that the crowd seems a lot more savvy than the onlookers at their earlier Food Court Musical — lots of cell-phone cameras being whipped out. Also interesting is the sponsorship by Trident gum at the end of the video. Apparently the Improv Everywhere folks have figured out how to monetize their thing.

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Improv Everywhere strikes again, providing full reception regalia for a couple getting married at City Hall. This looks like it’s almost as awesome as my own wedding reception, which still stands as the best party I’ve ever been to.


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