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The 6-month point

html-for-foodIt was 6 months (and a couple hours) ago that my life changed. And right now things are kinda-sorta looking up. I’ve got a couple pretty solid leads. But then, I’ve been there before.

It seems like there might be slightly more jobs out there than there were a few months ago, even if hardly any of them are in journalism per se. But there are some ways I can expand my skill set, increase my marketability and still be doing something worthwhile for a living. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.


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Jilted Journalists Looks like it’s just getting started, but this could be interesting if enough of us find out about it and start contributing info or posting on the forums they’ve already got set up.

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Scammed again

job_scamA few days ago, I applied to a couple of writing/editing jobs posted on Craigslist, thinking they might be possible prospects. Then I got this e-mail back (header slightly edited):

From: jobs@executivesearchonline.info
To: “Dave Williams”
Subject: Re: Craigslist Job PostingDear Dave,

Thank you for responding to our Job Posting on Craigslist for Writers.  Executive Search Online is a firm dedicated to finding high paying positions for qualified applicants–Nationwide.

We are very interested in your application and would like to invite you to visit our website and complete your job profile and submit your resume so that we can move forward with your application.

Here is the link: http://executivesearchonline.info/writers

Once there please press the red button to proceed to complete your application and enter your resume.

We look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,

Executive Search Online Team

This is the letter I sent back:

Dear Executive Search Online Team,

Would you mind telling me which Craigslist “Job Posting” was yours?

I’ve applied for a couple of writing jobs posted on Craigslist recently, and I’m not sure which (if any) was a genuine job search posting rather than a bogus entry from yet another employment website trolling for gullible job seekers.

If you could let me know which “Job Posting” was fraudulent and didn’t represent an actual job opening that I might actually have a chance of getting, that would be great, thanks. I don’t like to hold out false hopes, and I’d like to be able to eliminate your fraudulent “Job” from my list of possibilities.

Dave Williams

(“Uncle Scam” image via Job Search Insider)

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The 5-Month Point


The 5-Month Point Not the ideal day to find out that the job application I sent out by e-mail on Monday (6 days ago) never arrived.

Here’s the story: I learned of a job opening at a company where I know some of the people, including the guy who’d be my boss if I got the job. I called him and asked about applying, and he said I should apply “sooner rather than later,” as time was of the essence even though they’re still in the process of setting up the department where I’d be working. So I sent out the application the same day, and spent the rest of the week wondering why I didn’t hear anything back. Then, this morning (Saturday), I get the e-mail message saying the application bounced. WTF? You couldn’t have let me know the day it bounced? Or the following day? Or the day after that, or after that, or after that, when I might be able to make a phone call to tell the people I’d applied and try sending the application again while there’d still be someone in the office to receive it? You had to wait until SATURDAY to tell me that a whole business week went by with nobody knowing I’d applied for the job? (pic — with semi-funny story — via Mt. Holly Mayor’s Office)

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Your business card is crap So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these months of unemployment! Apparently the problem is that my business card isn’t die-cut, embossed and Rolodex-incompatible with a pop-up in the middle. Who knew? (Seriously, I think I may have been premature in accepting the Ferrari-in-the-handicapped-spot guy as King of All Douchebags — this guy’s a serious contender.)

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The 15-week point


I’ve got one solid lead, and a couple possible prospects (aside from the other dozens of positions I’ve flung resumes at), so I’m actually more optimistic than I’ve been for a while. But we’ll see. At least I’m not disabled like “Darth” there (and I’m a better speller, too). (pic via Ruining the Internet)

8 p.m. Update: Just got an e-mail from the “solid lead.” They hired someone else. FML.

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The 12-week point


Maybe I should try this  Apparently the guy actually got a job offer out of it, after spending just 2 days standing out there with a sandwich board (hopefully not with a company that makes sandwich boards). (via Arbroath)

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