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I think I’d rather have a Royale with Cheese than a Hachis Parmentier, but this is a really nicely done adaptation of “Pulp Fiction” in quasi-Shakespearean language and setting. I like to think I could have written it better (but I could easily be wrong), and I’m pretty sure it could have been acted better, but it’s still great.


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Too much of a good thing

What’s really impressive about this collection of phrases we owe to the Bard of Avon isn’t that it’s got so much stuff in it, but that there’s so much left out. It’s basically a hastily assembled collection by an “English Lit geek,” and yet if it were actually a complete list of one person’s contributions to the English language it would still be really, really impressive. (via English Muse)

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In the same vein as Historical Tweets, here’s Wm. Shakespeare’s Five and Twenty Things Abovt Me  Some of these variations on the Facebook meme are pretty lame, but “7   I hate to wear a Ruff, for I haue such a pleasing Necke” is nice, as is “9   Sometimes when I am Stvck for a rhyme, I new-mint a Worde because I jvst want to get the Damned script ovt the fvcking doore.” (pic via all talk and no action)

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